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DAKINE Slayer Knee Pad Long Term Review

I have become a knee pad snob. There are just too many bad or disposable pads out there that don’t get the job done season after season. One of the most comfortable knee pads I have ever owned were also the lightest and most breathable. They mostly stayed up when I pedaled and I hardly knew they were there. I rode them exclusively for 3 seasons and I have the scars to prove it. Coincidentally, they offered very little protection, tore easily, and had a shelf life of 1-2 crashes. Hardly worth the $70. In addition to Mountain Biking, those same pads are now marketed in sports that don’t involve rocks, such as baseball and soccer. Needless to say, those no longer ride.

Modern bikes allow us to ride up and down anything, thus the need for other equipment to follow suite. Most of us need a pad that allows us to pedal all day. A pad that does not slip down or dig into the skin. Just as importantly, we need them to protect our knees. We need to trust the material between our flesh & bones and the ground.

I have been riding the same pair of DAKINE Slayer knee pads for over a year without issue. That’s a lot of rides, races, crashes, and spilt beers on these bad boys. They have not failed me. My biggest day wearing the Slayers was 35 miles x 5,000 feet of vert in 85f heat. No problamo my friends!

They have an ergonomic form fit that moves and breathes with the body. They feel low profile and DAKINES website is spot on with the measurement and descriptions. The material, ventilation features and 4-way stretch design allows for good articulation with no chafing. They protect the knee and surrounding leg as if they were meant solely for DH racing. They wash up nicely in the machine, dry quickly, and look as good as new after.

It goes without saying DAKINE has done us all a favor and produced the most well rounded and affordable knee pad on the market. They are everyday pads with a real warranty, low profile design, and offer true protection all for $65. Take my money now.

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